5 Arousing Spots On His Body – And Yours!

5 Arousing Spots On His Body – And Yours!

Men and women both have erogenous spots on their body not limited to their genitals. It turns out that sexual sensitive parts do not have to be just below the belt. In human anatomy, there are other parts of the body that have high nerve endings, thus are more sensitive to touch and pressure. Though there are erogenous zones in human body, keep in mind that everyone turns on differently depending on what is their most sensitive part.

It is also helpful to be knowledgeable of what you and your partner’s erogenous parts are because it will improve your sexual life. Touching and playing with these arousing zones release happy hormones and hormones responsible for increasing of sexual desire. 

Here are the five arousing spots on your man’s body, and yours too, that you should be aware of:

  1. Penis and vagina

Penis and vagina are obviously erogenous parts of men and women’s body when stimulated. The interior of the vagina does contain nerve endings which when stimulated deeply creates more intense orgasm. While the outer edge of the vagina tends to response to light touch only.

Penis, on the other hand, is as arousing as the vagina when stimulated. There is a thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft that is called frenulum. There is full of nerve connections in this area that are very sensitive when touched. Next time, you already know where to touch your man aside with his penis.

  1. Mouth and Lips

Lips are highly sensitive when lightly touch or pressured. It is the body’s most exposed erogenous zone. They are bundled with sensitive nerve endings so even the slightness smock feels so good. In fact, they are more sensitive than your finger.

When you and your partner kiss, you create more libido and climax because there are multiple and rapid pressures going on with your super sensitive nerve endings. That’s the reason why you are so turn on when kissing.

  1. Ears

Few only do this, but kissing your man’s ears may help intensify his orgasm. Same goes with women because ears are very sensitive due to the massive sensory receptor they have. The sexiest part of the ear is the earlobe. By tickling the edge of your partner’s ear using your finger or mouth, you are creating something sensual and erotic.

  1. Neck

You may think that neck is not quite a turn on for men unlike to women, but it does. Neck kisses are almost always a turn-on especially around the nape and the back area because they have so many nerve endings that even a slight stroke of a feather can make you and your partner go wild. Aside from the nape and the back of the neck, the collar bone is also an erogenous spot for both man and woman.

You can stimulate a man’s neck area by using your finger, tongue, lips, or sex toys such as feather. Running your finger on his back neck while kissing his nape will surely drive him crazy.

  1. Nipples

You may also think that nipples are not quite a turn on for men unlike to women, but they also do. Men have nipples because they have purpose. Nipples also have lots of nerve endings which when touched creates sexual arousal.

The sensation from the nipples goes to some parts of a man’s brain as sensations from the scrotum and penis. The brain receives chest sensations followed by genital sensations when the nipple is stimulated. This means that, when the nipple is being stimulated the hormone oxyticin releases and when it releases, it triggers urine contraction which then produces the genital sensations. But then, some studies show that the nipple nerves are directly connected to the brain, so when a man’s nipple is being stimulated, it activates his genital brain regions.

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