How To Have Great Sex In Marriage

How To Have Great Sex In Marriage

Sex is a good thing. It was instituted in the confines of marriage so a man and a woman get to know each other intimately, grow with each other and understand how to please each other not just emotionally or spiritually, but also physically. As a married person, when you are having sex, it’s not about you, but it’s really about your spouse, where you want them to feel the best that you want to be.

The only issue is a lot of people use sex as a crotch or sex is not actually turning out to be what it was made to be. Some people are not sure especially to one side relationship that keeps insisting his or her wants and expectations from their partner. As months drift into years, you realize, you are in a sexless marriage.

Believe it or not, it’s normal for the frequency of lovemaking to wane over time for many possibilities. Whatever the reason, every married couple must understand that getting intimacy back into their relationship is crucial.

To keep the intimacy alive and have a more fulfilling sex life in your marriage, consider these tips;

Make Time To Be Sexual

You have to continue to find attraction for your partner. If you have children or have busy schedule, make time for a date night or schedule time to be together intimately, with no expectations and time limits. Make time to hold each other, be in bed together naked, touch each other or do anything that will bring you closer.

Talk To Each Other

Intimacy can fall away even for couples that are having a lot of sex because a lot of times people are too busy with other things. If you want to keep the intimacy in your relationship, talk to each other while you’re having sex. Telling stories and dirty talking can be very powerful.

Discuss The Frequency

Discuss the frequency and how many times a week should you have sex. Because otherwise, a lot of physiological things happen as well as emotional deterioration and if you’re not really in that space of being intimate and close to each other, there’s a lot of walls that can start to go up between you and you start being short in your conversation. So, it’s really important that you establish your intimacy that you both agree on it.

Be An Attentive Spouse

If you want to bring back the sex spark in your marriage, then be an attentive spouse. Husbands, if you want to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship, you need to give your wife what she needs and vice versa. Wives, often times your man simply can’t understand why you don’t want sex as much as they do. If you’re in the mood of having sex, just go for it and the intimate bond you want with your husband will follow.

Have The Willingness And Be Patient

This is one common technique used for couples struggling with sexual intimacy. Hold off on actual intercourse and learn to appreciate each other and enjoy other kinds of connecting first. If your relationship begins to improve, but your sexual desire is not, don’t be afraid to talk to a sex therapist or physician.

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